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Hire Right: The #1 Challenge That Solves 99 Others

No matter how great of a product, idea, or service a business creates, its future is only as bright as its ability to hire the right talent. Discover all the intricate nuances that go into building a successful hiring process. From how to find and attract good talent to understanding the critical steps of the interview process that will not only get the best talent in the door but also set them up for long term success. Hiring the right talent is the first, most important challenge to solve to grow a healthy business.

The Hiring Tree: Laws of Applicant Attraction

How many companies have experienced a dip in applicant flow in 2022-2023? 

What if a recession hits this year, how will your organization pivot?

The biggest mistake 80% of employers make is the use of a job description as their job ad. New job board rules are being enforced due to Search Engine Optimization practices (SEO), Artificial Intelligence technology, and an influx of scam artists during the pandemic, forcing many employers to make changes they are not familiar with.

In this session we will cover the analogy of the Hiring Tree and discuss specific branches of the hiring process that will provide immediate results to attracting top talent, regardless of a recession on the loom.

In The Hiring Tree, too many employers rely heavily on one core channel for hiring. The challenge with this is like a tree with one single branch, the tree branch will topple over as it begins to bear fruit due to the weight. It creates an awful experience for applicants. 20th-century recruiting methodologies are slowly being replaced by new technologies, which means employers need to stay on top of what is happening in the market more than ever before.

A truly balanced tree has multiple branches, a solid trunk (application process) and firm roots to produce award-winning fruit, which means any hiring strategy must include multiple channels and have the right foundation. From the roots to the trunk, extending out the branches, this presentation will help attendees understand how to develop a sound “Hiring Tree” that will produce fruit (applicant flow) in ANY market, regardless of unemployment rates, recessions, layoffs, pandemics, ghosting, & quiet quitting, which all plague employers today.

About Russel Dubree

Russel Dubree is a growth and culture advisor. He's passionate about helping business owners scale their business in a way that brings profit, purpose, and meaning in their lives.

In his 20+ year career, he's been a USAF officer, air traffic controller, airfield manager, bank supervisor, bank teller, call center agent, lifeguard, factory worker, lawn mower, paperboy, gas station attendant, painter, cemetery maintenance worker, furniture mover, comedy club bouncer, entrepreneur, CEO, COO, CFO, project manager, account manager, office manager, bookkeeper, HR administrator, content writer, data analyst, recruiter, benefits specialist, sales lead, marketing coordinator…and many more. Most of those roles were under the umbrella of the business I founded with nothing to an eventual sale with an 8-figure valuation.

About Steve Smith

Steve will be the first to tell you that recruiting is marketing. He earned his Bachelor of Science in Finance at Brigham Young University and started his career in recruiting in Feb 2005. In 2008, he took a risk during a recession to help start a new company with Ryan Kohler, called ApplicantPro, an applicant tracking software platform for small to mid-sized businesses. With 11,000 clients and close to 300 employees, ApplicantPro has made the Inc 5000 list 10 years in a row, a feat accomplished by very few organizations in the country. Steve is SHRM-CP and PHR certified, and currently serves as the Utah SHRM State Director. He loves to volunteer. His book, The Hiring Tree: Laws of Applicant Attraction, has helped thousands of organizations across the country rethink the way they approach hiring. One the hottest releases on Amazon in 2023, The Hiring Tree will help any organization understand the principles and role of SEO and marketing when it comes to attracting job seekers.