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HR in the Age of Remote Work: Managing People, Not Just Screens

As remote and hybrid work continue to become the norm in today's workforce, HR professionals are faced with new challenges in managing their teams effectively. While technology has made it possible to work from anywhere, it has also made it easy to overlook the human element of work. In this presentation, we will explore the importance of managing people, not just screens, in the age of remote work.

We will discuss the need for HR professionals to prioritize employee engagement, well-being and psychological safety, and provide strategies for fostering a positive remote work culture. We will also address the challenges of remote work, such as communication barriers, isolation, and burnout, and offer practical solutions for overcoming them.

Attendees will come away with a better understanding of the unique role that HR plays in managing remote teams, and the tools and techniques they can use to keep their employees engaged, motivated, and productive in a virtual environment. With the right approach, HR professionals can help their organizations thrive in the age of remote work by putting people first.

LinkedIn and the Global War for Talent

Positioning Your Company as an Employer of Choice in Today’s Hypercompetitive Market

We are in a global war for talent. We can hire talented people from all over the planet. Likewise, talented workers here in the Salt Lake area can work for employers across the country and around the world.

How do we position ourselves as an “employer of choice” in today’s hypercompetitive workplace?

One of the first steps is to make a positive first impression with our LinkedIn presence. It’s our front door. It’s our virtual lobby. It’s our invitation to savvy seekers to engage with us.

In our June keynote, Dave O’Farrell will share some simple steps we can take immediately to level up our LinkedIn pages – without a host of approvals up and down the chain of command.

From this platform, we begin the employment journey – engaging potential employees with our pages, posts, and position profiles. Secondly, encouraging top talent to apply for our jobs. And finally, positioning ourselves so we are the top choice of top talent.

About Katie Christensen

Katie Christensen is a Program Coordinator for the Remote Online Initiative Program. Katie has a Bachelor of Fine Arts and a Master of Fine Arts in Art Administration both from Southern Utah University. Her previous experience includes the Utah Shakespeare Festival, the Arizona Theater Company, the Utah Valley Chamber of Commerce and Southern Utah University as an adjunct professor. When she isn’t working, Katie enjoys binge watching shows, cooking with her husband, being the favorite Aunt to her 16 nieces and nephews and crafting. She lives in Utah County with her husband, Cameron and their two dogs, Sookie and Wrigley.

About Dave O’Farrell

Dave O’Farrell is a keynote speaker, outplacement consultant, and executive recruiter. He helps employers on both ends of the employment life cycle – when they’re hiring and when they’re firing.

On the front end, he provides executive recruiting services. His specialty is finding great local candidates for local employers.

On the back end, O’Farrell helps employers soften the blow when they let employees go by offering the best outplacement services on the planet. His services are a coveted employee severance benefit. He works with clients across the USA – including several in Salt Lake City in the past three years.

O’Farrell has spoken to many HR groups over the years including SHRM Atlanta. Dave volunteers as the leader of a job search ministry, serves as the VP of Marketing for ASCM Atlanta, and he’s the social media manager for another HR group in his community in south metro Atlanta.