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The Critical Missing Piece to a Thriving Workplace Culture
Attachment-informed Leadership

The importance of developing a healthy work culture is being stressed everywhere. At almost any business or HR conference, there is somebody, somewhere talking about building a good ‘culture’. However, oftentimes, these methods that are presented for developing this culture are vague, or the application can be unclear and abstract. We leave the presentation feeling the awareness and urgency that we need to develop a better ‘culture’ but we don’t know how.

Aric Bostick, specialist in attachment theory in the workplace, will teach attendees a distinct approach to cultivating a thriving work environment, based on modern attachment theory and relational neuroscience. He will help them gain a deep understanding of attachment theory, how it manifests in the workplace, and how to use this awareness as an HR manager to be a key strategic partner in your organization's success, by better understanding how to manage relationships, and help your managers and leaders become the secure attachment figure your employees need.

Learning Objectives

  1. Gain a comprehensive understanding of attachment theory, how it manifests in the workplace, and why the dynamics it creates between managers and employees are foundational to how an organization's culture develops.
  2. Understand the key components of a secure Attachment Figure and why they are critical to an organization's success.
  3. Learn how to use this awareness to not only become a secure Attachment Figure themselves, but how as HR directors they can use this knowledge to influence and advise management on how to become the secure base their employees need in order to thrive and develop a deep and lasting connection to their work.

About Aric Bostick

Over the past 23 years, Aric Bostick has been an Employee Engagement and Leadership Speaker for educators, corporate employees, and Human Resource managers.  He has spoken to over half a million people at conferences, events, and school districts throughout the United States and Canada.

In 2018, Aric decided to combine his teaching and speaking experience with his interest in the welfare of education and corporate senior leaders, to create and start delivering a new range of training, based on the latest attachment and brain science (Aric’s Attachment-informed Leadership program). Given his understanding of the distinctive needs of educational and corporate settings and their leaders (gained while working with them as a national speaker), he decided that he needed to strengthen the theoretical underpinning for his work.  He did this by developing an understanding of modern attachment science (the quality and development of relationships over the life course), and interpersonal neurobiology (the neuroscience of attachment).  During this time, he also started working with an attachment-informed leadership specialist.

For more information about Aric Bostick and his programs go to www.aricbostick.com

Pronouns, Pay Equity & Pansexuality!
Building a Gender Inclusive Workplace

Join SHRM for an informative and interactive conversation with Dr. Kyl Myers about building a workplace that is inclusive and celebratory of all sexualities and gender identities. This session will be jam-packed with research, examples, tips, and encouragement to ensure your organizations are affirmingly representative of gender diversity.

You’ll gain an understanding of the prevalence of LGBTQIA+ people in the population and how that should be represented in your company. (You’ll also learn what LGBTQIA+ stands for!)

You’ll learn about national and statewide workplace gender disparities, and how they hurt businesses and staff.

You’ll leave with actionable tips to start building a gender-inclusive and equitable workplace right away.

About Dr Kyl Myers

Dr. Kyl Myers is a genderqueer sociologist, award-winning educator, and the author of Raising Them: Our Adventure in Gender Creative Parenting. Kyl works with global brands and non-profit organizations who are committed to building an inclusive and equitable world for kids and grown ups. Kyl’s essays appear in TIME Magazine and The Conversation and their gender and sexuality resources can be found on InstagramYouTube, and the Raising Zoomer blog. Kyl’s TEDx Talk, “Want Gender Equality? Let’s Get Creative” encourages people to rethink childhood gender socialization in an effort to break up the binary before it begins. Kyl’s pronouns are they/them and she/her and they live, work, and play between the US and Australia with her family.