2022.03.08 PDM

Your Unique Advantage: Elevate Your Career

Your elevator moment is going to happen. The question is, will you be prepared? We've all had the experience of meeting someone. And being asked, What do you do? You've also likely had the experience of having a meeting with someone higher up in your company, or the HR department where they asked you what is your dream job or what do you want to do? The answer to that question often determines what happens next.

Learning Objectives

  • Learn how to articulate your unique advantage
  • Discover how you can help others in a way that connects you with greater relationships and opportunities
  • Gain tools to develop a conversational framework that will elevate your career
  • Provide a Personal Inventory that will help each attendees discover what is unique and valuable about them and how they show up in the workplace.

About Sunny Jordan

Sunny Jordan is a Strategic Partnerships Manager with Western Governors University, where she strives to establish partnerships with progress-focused education, business, and industry leaders to help propel workforce development goals for the region. She has over 15 years of experience in strategic engagement, account management, and business development with Fortune 500 companies such as Bellsouth and Bank of America.  As an award-winning speaker, author and professional development coach, Sunny has leveraged her MBA and experience to help hundreds of adult learners discover their purpose by connecting them with meaningful networks, abundant resources, and great opportunities.  Sunny is the founder of the Release the Brake Mastermind Program designed for professional and entrepreneurial women.  She is the author of the book, “Learn How I Made a Fortune While in College” and “Come into the Light: Discovering Your Path to Purpose, Prosperity, and Powerful Relationships”.  Sunny resides in Mooresville, NC with her family.

New Leadership Competencies to Catalyze Radical Innovation in the Age of Uncertainty

Business leaders are being challenged at an unprecedented rate with increasing complexity and uncertainty and with increasing demands for faster decision making. In this dynamic era, many large businesses with the vestiges of the Industrial era become irrelevant being displaced by new entrants that morph rapidly with unpredictable maneuvers. The rules of the game have changed dramatically from standardization and cost reduction of the Industrial era to constant learning and innovation for the digital era.

We now need a new type of leader: the Quantum Leader. These leaders are fundamentally different from the rest of the pack and are much better fit for today’s fast changing environment. They operate on adaptability, self-organization, diversity of thought and simple rules. Dr. Giles' research has found that there are six distinct leadership competencies necessary to deliver radical innovation: self-management, safety, differentiation, connection, learning, and integration. Consistent innovation is the only way to survive in a fast changing VUCA world. By harnessing VUCA, Quantum leaders not only consistently deliver on radical innovation, they reclaim humanity and cement a team with psychological safety and connection. Learn how to catalyze radical innovation at your organization in this session.

  • Take the mystery out of radical innovation and redefine the rules of how the game is played.
  • Identify how to catalyze innovation in your organization.
  • Set a strategic agenda for organizational transformation.
  • Identify what leadership competencies are required to become successful in the fast changing, uncertain times.

Learning Objectives

  • Learn how changing business environment requires new leadership competencies: increasing complexity in the business environment has changed how value is created, from specialization and division of labor to create efficiency to innovation based on profuse experimentation
  • Learn what these new leadership competencies are and what the business impact is: Charisma and vision are not as effective in leading an organization in uncertainty – new skills are required such as self-management skills in transparency, resilience, flexibility and openness and organization management skills in meaning making (providing contextual information why something is happening), systems thinking (ability to address the entire system to induce permanent change), pattern recognition (seeing a thread that connects seemingly unpredictable, unrelated chain of events), and facilitation (coordinating many-to-many interactions).
  • Understand how neuroscience and systems principles apply to effective leadership in complexity: apply neuroscience and systems approach to develop effective leadership competencies
  • Learn how the conventional wisdom businesses commonly practice, which actually stifles innovation
  • Practice the leadership competencies required to become successful in today’s highly uncertain times

About Dr Sunnie Giles

Dr. Sunnie Giles is President of Quantum Leadership Group. She is the author of The New Science of Radical Innovation (2018) and a TEDx speaker on radical innovation.

She is an faculty member at the Duke CE and Singularity University. She is also an advisor at the Stanford Business School Institute of Innovation in Developing Economies. Her recent research on global leadership for innovation has been published by Harvard Business Review. She is a regular contributor on Forbes, and has been published on INC., World Financial Review, the Leadership Network, Training Industry, the Korea Times, and Management Matters Network. She spoke at the Global Peter Drucker Forum, which has published her article on innovation as one of the top 10 in 2019.

Dr. Sunnie received her MBA degree from the University of Chicago Booth school of Business and a PhD in systems psychology from Brigham Young University.