2021.12.14 Sheilds

Join in this fascinating discussion with anthropologist Dr. Chelsea Shields on what humans need from their Work and how businesses can meet those needs in effective, low-cost, and beneficial ways- for the individual, the HR director, and the company. Attendees will leave with takeaways on how to improve their own social health and enhance the social health of the teams they supervise. Ultimately, once we understand the importance of social and emotional context on the human brain, it is easy to see how simple, non-verbal tips and tricks can alter an entire encounter. Dr. Shields will teach group, context, and body language lessons to help us improve digital and in-person communication to convey what we really mean.

Attendees Will Learn

  • The six things that every human needs at Work and why.
  • How we take back control over our socioemotional environment.
  • Why non-verbal communication influences every encounter and how we can alter our voice and body language to get the most beneficial outcomes for the company, the employee, and ourselves!
  • Participants will engage in interactive dialogue and hands-on training with Q & A with the presenter with actionable changes you can implement in your daily life.
  • Strategic takeaways to incorporate into digital and in-person meetings to provide safety, purpose, and community to all.

About Dr Chelsea Shields

Dr. Chelsea Shields is an award-winning anthropologist, founder of Alien Ideas, a research and strategy consulting business, and multi-time TED fellow, speaker, and speaking coach.

Dr. Shields graduated with a dual-PhD in biological and cultural anthropology from Boston University. Her dissertation, "The Social Life of Placebos," focused on why placebos evolved in the first place and how they are elicited outside of biomedical encounters. In the eight years it took her to finish that dissertation, she kept the lights on by consulting large, multi-national, enterprise clients on user-experience research, socio-emotional branding, and content & experience strategy with best-in-class design agencies.

Shields works with clients all over the world to help them understand how humans evolved, how they are influenced by non-verbal context, and how we can design events, brands, and products in ways that magnify the beneficial effects and limit the adverse ones-- basically teaching Drs, teachers, and presenters how to "dose" the placebo better. It exists regardless; you might as well know how to wield it well.

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