2021.10.27 Huff

Everyone wants to be fulfilled and feel more peace and joy in their life. But most everyone misunderstands how it all really works. And this confusion, when resolved, will allow you to experience more well-being and make you better at just about everything, including your job.

In this practical, inspiring webinar, Blunovus instructors will explore the power of presence and provide ways you can take care of yourself and support your team’s emotional well-being in the face of uncertainty - because you deserve it and your employees need it.

Purpose/Top Objectives

  1. Improve all your relationships, including the one with yourself.
  2. Find more time, energy, peace, and happiness regardless of circumstances.
  3. Increase your capacity to be an effective problem solver with more creativity.

About Joel Huff

Joel Huff, BFA, MFA, ACMHC, LSUDC, MS is the director of operations and oversight in the Blunovus Care Center. In his role, Joel has the honor of helping individuals one-on-one navigate their mental health challenges both at work and at home. Joel also sees clients outside of his work with Blunovus and finds much fulfillment in seeing them progress. Joel loves any opportunity to advocate for and support positive mental health outcomes within companies and organizations.

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