2021.09.29 Mercer

Organizations live-or-die by the bottom line.  However, the HR department typically plays only a minor role in improving the bottom line.  Fortunately, HR departments definitely can help measurably improve profits – and this presentation shows you how.

Your presenter authored the groundbreaking, #1 Best-Seller HR book entitled, Turning Your Human Resources Department into a Profit Center™.  This has been the #1 Best-Seller HR professional book in  8  countries!!   Dr. Mercer also wrote Hire the Best & Avoid the Rest™ - the #1 Best-Seller hiring book in North America.

You can use Dr. Mercer’s 6-step HR Profit Center method revealed in this presentation to measure the cost-benefits and return-on-investment of over 35 HR endeavors.  You will learn immediately useful skills:

  • 6-step HR Profit Center method
  • Fascinating examples of organizations putting into action
    • Dr. Mercer’s HR Profit Center method
  • 4-part method to calculate an incredibly crucial HR cost
  • (but 99.9% of all HR managers do not know how to measure this!!!)
  • 2 measures proving that hiring great employees decreases costs + increases profits
  • 2 key ways you can put Dr. Mercer’s HR Profit Center method into action
  • 1 specific way HR Profit Center managers land great jobs + earn big bonuses & salaries
  • 4 pointers to make your HR Profit Center a huge success for your organization & your career

Here Are 10 Reasons You, Your Boss & Fellow Employees – Must Attend:

  1. You get to hear a #1 Best-Seller book author -- who also is an engaging speaker.
  2. Abbott Labs said this about Dr. Mercer’s presentations: “Your style is of superb quality, creativity and high energy.”
  3. Dr. Mercer’s presentations are informative and interactive.
  4. C.I.A. – Central Intelligence Agency – wrote this to Dr. Mercer: “We were especially impressed with your ability to tailor the workshop to address the very critical organizational challenges our division is presently confronting and to set just the right tone.”
  5. You will learn immediately useful techniques you can put into action in your job.
  6. Bank of America – the big bank – wrote to Dr. Mercer: “Our managers and I keep seeing first-hand that your methods work wonders for us.”
  7. International Management Council wrote this about Dr. Mercer’s speech: “You were the hit of the conference.  Everyone who attended your presentation talked about it for days!”
  8. You will find out how to dramatically improve your success – and your company.
  9. Ontario Teachers Insurance Co. wrote this about his presentation: “You were fantastic!”
  10. FREE: You can call Dr. Mercer – for free – for 3 months following his presentation with your questions you have about implementing ideas you learned.

Dr. Mercer has authored 6 books, created 3 pre-employment tests, recorded 2 audiobook-albums, and delivers many speeches annually.

Now, you can benefit first-hand from Dr. Mercer’s expertise.

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