2021.08.10 PDM

Morning Session

The Yellow Cake Principle: The Recipe for Influence

Would you like to have your cake and eat it too? The Yellow Cake Principle will show you how. Served up with a blend of actionable ideas and a generous dash of humor, the Yellow Cake Principle provides the ingredients you need to connect, influence, and persuade.

Need to get buy-in from senior leaders, engage staff and employees, or have not-so-fun conversations? Whisk your worries away. After this program, those interactions will be a piece of cake. The laughter is just the icing.

Warning: The Yellow Cake Principle has zero calories but may be addictive.

  1. Gain agreement more easily using a three-step influencing model
  2. Overcome resistance by speaking the four languages of persuasion
  3. Improve relationships, results, and revenue

About Roger Grannis

Roger Grannis brings the passion and artistry of a master chef to teaching businesspeople. His client list is a who’s who of global business. GE. PepsiCo. Foot Locker. Symantec. Vertex. Wells Fargo. They’ve all gathered in his culinary classroom, learning how to create measurable business results out of the ingredients of persuasion.

Before forming GrannisGroup, in 2004, Roger built Gartner Sales Training Academy, helping grow revenues from $32 million to $850 million.

Eagle Scout, writer, and family man, Roger is the president of the New England chapter of the National Speakers Association. He brings high energy, high value, and high humor to every program.

“Roger is a rare breed of keynote speaker who ignites intellectual curiosity, provides practical solutions, and leaves audiences thinking and laughing.”  - Robert Reiss, CEO, The CEO Forum Group

Afternoon Session

The Vaccine for Trauma is Positive Human Connection

What heals Trauma? How do you become healthy?

As a little 5 year old, my son didn’t understand how in Utah there was so much suffering on the streets of Salt Lake.

I directed the curiosity to fuel a personal Dad son Mission that lasted 7 years. It lead to New York, where a audience stood-up with a standing ovation, and then a TEDx, a UN Youth Assembly appearance, and a oppprtunity to speak for the SHRM event of Human Resources for State of Maine.

What a miracle it has been to watch unfold. I am a dad who loves my son. I have watched him become a leader.

In our time deploying our learning experiments in meaningful dad time, my son and I sat with hundreds of moms, dads, and children who are the most vulnerable.

Our minds awoke with each encounter, on how to create an impact not just here, but across our country…. The answer, when asked for so many of what they needed, was a positive person to spend time with.

To be heard and appreciated. Through design thinking theory we tested out many creative ways to connect the dots and experiment through processes.

RX for Connection

Project Empathy

About Chase Hansen

Chase Hansen is a kid with a large empathy and space for homelessness. From the simple grassroots of playing superheroes with his Dad, John Hansen and Chief Dad Officer, to starting his own social experiment cooperative, Chase Hansen has grown his current mission into stints on Tedx, Good Morning American, and the United Nation Summit. Chase's vision to more impactfully solve homelessness through human connection has caused a tidal wave in how we view social movements for permanent change.  Chase is driven to show corporations, government, and non-profit alliances that social responsibility is more than pushing fellow citizens through the rigors of re-entry; non-compliance when met with compassion, flexibility, and authentic re-examination of traditional processes can yield dignity to those forgotten with strong ROI for those who take the chance. Not only has Chase at 13 years old paved the way for productive social attachment, he continues to narrow the gap between corporate & government ideology, and access to lasting conversion out of homeless methodologies...all through the simple act of listening with intent and solving with love. When Chase is not off solving homelessness with his Dad, Chase is active within his community and loves his dog, Finn.