Legal - Resources

In HR, we're often expected to know the law as if we've been to law school. It is a lot to take in. Here are a handful of resources to help you make sense of the laws in your workplace.

Helpful Websites:

Ohio Employer Blog: Wait? We're in Utah! Yeah, we know, but this blog does a good job of using pretty simple language in addressing many workplace legal issues.

AskJan: Who is Jan? Don't worry about that, this website is a staple when addressing ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act).

NLRB Rulings: This link takes you to one of a series of reviews of cases that dealt with Social Media at the time (2011/2012). These were real cases and there is commentary from NLRB General Counsel to help dissect the important pieces to consider in an ever-evolving area of workplace laws.

Hostile Work Environment: That is the name of the podcast and this is a fun/funny way to digest some employment law into your mind. This is a great podcast that takes current headlines from the news and provides helpful insight into the legal and HR issues that arise from these headlines. Adult themes are sometimes discussed (it is HR) so best not to have the kids around. The hosts are Marc Alifanz, an employment lawyer and Kate Bischoff, an HR Consultant.

More Resources Coming Your Way: