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Certification is a great way to signify that you have educated yourself in such a way that provides the appropriate level of knowledge application. Additionally, it is a fantastic way to either learn new HR principles or brush up on your HR accumen.

For inquires and questions, please reach out to certification@slshrm.org

Be prepared for any HR challenge with HR Certification!

In today's changing HR landscape, it's becoming more important than ever that you not only have strong HR knowledge and skills, but are also able to be a strategic business thinker, capable of tackling any situation thrown your way! Become the most qualified and valuable HR professional you can be through choosing to become HR Certified!

As we Elevate HR in 2024 and beyond, our aspiration is to have every member of our Salt Lake SHRM Chapter Certified.

Up-coming Salt Lake SHRM Certification Study Group (April 30th through May 28th)

  • Course Dates:  April 30, 2024 (5 weeks)
  • Course Format:  Online via Zoom
  • Registration Fees: $675 (includes heavily discounted SHRM Learning System up to $1200 value)
  • This is an accelerated course that requires up to 2 months of preparation in advance of the study group start date, so please register early!

"I PASSED!!! Your test taking tips got me through and were invaluable. I could hear you telling me to think strategically, take action and eliminate the answers that did not show leadership. I would highly recommend your study session to anyone looking to test."

- Felicia Street - SHRM-CP Recipient

Study Group

Salt Lake SHRM offers certification study groups twice a year: Spring and Winter. Our next certification study group begins April 30 and continues once a week for five weeks. It ends just in time for participants to sit for the first round of certification exams. The Salt Lake SHRM Study Group uses the SHRM Learning System as a study and preparation resource.

Study Group Tips

  • Create a smart study plan and stay on track to earn your certification with a structured learning experience
  • Practice test questions to make sure you have a grasp of what is expected
  • Share your experience and discuss best practices with colleagues in a convenient online study group environment

Why Certification?

Human resource certification offers an array of benefits to professionals seeking to advance their careers in the field of HR. Firstly, it enhances credibility and demonstrates a commitment to excellence in the profession. Certification validates an individual’s knowledge and expertise, providing employers with assurance of their capabilities. Moreover, certification opens doors to new opportunities, as many employers prioritize certified HR professionals when hiring or promoting. Additionally, certification equips individuals with up-to-date knowledge and skills, ensuring they remain competitive in a rapidly evolving industry. It also fosters networking opportunities within the HR community, facilitating collaboration and knowledge sharing.

Furthermore, certified professionals often command higher salaries and enjoy greater job security. Overall, human resource certification not only boosts individual career prospects but also contributes to the overall effectiveness and professionalism of the HR profession. Click here for a report comparing certifications, with information on pay, and career advancement.

Instructor-Led Learning

Instructor-led learning is ideal for those who prefer a structured environment over a longer period of time.  These courses usually run for three, six to eleven weeks and some are offered twice a week.  The learning is delivered in an interactive learning environment, led by seasoned instructors with 20+ years of certification preparation experience.  Costs vary depending on the individual instructors.

Salt Lake SHRM is pleased to announce partnerships with Corporate Talent Advisors and Sunstone HR to provide certification preparation courses. Please visit their website to find information regarding classes and schedules. Note, each instructor offers discounts to Salt Lake SHRM members!

Rod Lacey, CEO
(801) 380-7846

Need help funding your preparation?

The Kristy Cousins Certification Grant is provided through he SHRM Foundation and its Professional Development Certification Grant Program. Kristy Cousins was the Salt Lake SHRM Chapter Management Professional 2016-2017, who lost her battle with breast cancer in April 2017. Salt Lake SHRM is proud to honor the characteristics of work ethic, professionalism, dedication, and winning attitude which were the hallmark of Kristy Cousins. These qualities are also evident in the recipients of this grant who strive for excellence through their commitment to the HR profession.

The Kristy Cousins Certification Grant is awarded to two deserving members who are working toward SHRM CP or SHRM-SCP certification each year. Each winner receives the SHRM Learning System course materials and certification exam registration fee. The Kristy Cousins Certification Grant is supported by the SHRM Foundation through its Professional Development Certification Grant program. The application period is April 9 through June 12, 2024, Click here for more information on eligibility requirements and how to apply

Eligibility for the Grant

  • Current SHRM member (professional or student membership must be active when applying and throughout the year in which you receive the award)
  • Meet eligibility requirements for SHRM Certification
  • Must test within 12 months after the award notification date (Exam transfer policy also applies to grant winner regardless of the registered exam window)
  • Application window: April 9, 2024 - June, 12 2024
  • Click here for tips on applying for the grant

SHRM HR Certification Exam

For all the information on application, testing windows and fees, click here

Other helpful insights:

  • Take the exam that you are qualified to take. Sure, push yourself, but also don't overextend yourself.
  • Test banks are helpful, but be sure that they are validated questions. Retired questions from the source of your exam provider are great ways to practice.
  • Take practice quizzes to get a feel for the questions that are being asked. Allow the quizzes to reveal to you where your areas of opportunity are.
  • Pay attention to the weight of each section of the exam. You may want to devote more time to those sections that make up a larger percentage of the content/questions.
  • If you're an expert in one area of the exam, it may feel comfortable and easy to keep learning about that topic, but make sure your time and effort go those areas you specifically need.
  • Watch out for words like "Always" and "Never" in the possible answers. Those are very strong words and can be an indicator of a "detractor" (A question that sounds right, but isn't). HR is the land of " it depends" so be careful when selecting an answer that has such a universal term.
  • Don't rely on how the company you worked for approached an HR-related issue. Just because your company did it one way, does NOT mean that it was done the "correct" way (at least for the purposes of this exam).
  • Visualize yourself in the testing area. Visualize your passing score show up on the screen and doing your own 'victory dance' out of the building and in your car.
  • Record yourself reading the vocabulary words and then listen to it during your commute.