2022.05.19 Medicare 101

Medicare 101: How to Answer Questions Your Medicare Age Employees Have

The purpose of this presentation is to provide HR managers and associates a guide to assisting employees that are nearing age 65 or older than 65. Medicare can be very confusing, I take the confusion out of the Medicare Maze. When an employee has questions we will give them unbiased, clear, concise answers. Never again will you have to tell an employee “call medicare.”

By the end of this presentation you will have the tools needed to answer basic questions about how Medicare works with group insurance. You will also be able to help the employer understand the need to move older employees from a group plan to a Medicare plan. This saves the employer and the employee money on all things related to health care costs.

About Spencer Anderson

I am a graduate of Weber State University

I have been in the Insurance industry since 2004.  I have been in the Medicare industry since 2008.  I am currently the Broker Sales and Education Manager for Cigna Health Insurance.  My specialty is helping people understand the ABCD’s of Medicare.